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Prerequisite 3 - The Warm Up The warm up is very very important. You must have seen the athletes warming up before the race.  Warming up makes you (and your body) to initiate the full session of Yogas.  Use this sequence first thing in the morning on its own, [---]
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Prerequisite 2 - Dos and Donts Staying safe and to know the basics is very much important.  This article of Do's and Don'ts for yoga is a must read if you are new to Yoga.  This article will cover all of the do’s and don’ts to having a successful yoga [---]
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Prerequisite 1 - What do you need for Yoga? One of the greatness of Yoga is that you really (really, really) don't need anything to practice yoga. During my sessions with the beginners, I keep repeating myself  'Yoga doesn't need anything fancy. [---]
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