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Meditation Technique 3 - Sound Meditation This is the meditation technique which uses sounds and helps experience inner calm and deep relaxation. The ideal time of doing this is the early morning - though, I prefer doing it at night for a sound sleep. There is no time limit to [---]
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Meditation Technique 2 - Body Scan Meditation This is another technique of doing the meditation. The body scan meditation. This meditation session can be done in the duration of 15 minutes or 30 minutes but this is not a compulsion. If you wish, you can stretch it upto 1 hour or 2 hours. [---]
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Meditation Technique 1 - Count your breath Counting your breath is one of the very good techniques of meditation. The best part, you can do it wherever you want to. There is no rocket science to it. 1. Start with 5 minutes: You can do it just for 5 minutes [---]
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How I did my first meditation? Well, It was a small nap. I was tired that day and I dozed off in just 2 minutes. Yes, literally. It was the very first day and now its been almost 10 years me meditating - continuously, rigorously and religiously and now, I don't sleep while [---]
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What Meditation IS? Somewhere on google I saw a beautiful quote about Meditation. Which read - there are some questions, which can't be answered by GOOGLE. Meditation answers them all. Meditation helped me to come out from all my foul habits, it [---]
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What Meditation is NOT? There is a lot of misunderstanding about meditation. Let us first understand the very basics of meditation. Starting with what meditation is NOT so as to better understand what meditation IS. [---]
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