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How I did my first meditation?

Well, It was a small nap. I was tired that day and I dozed off in just 2 minutes. Yes, literally. It was the very first day and now its been almost 10 years me meditating - continuously, rigorously and religiously and now, I don't sleep while meditating.

There are various ways of mediation which you'll read in my next articles but before you move forward, read the following lines very carefully:

  1. Meditation is a practice.
  2. You can start with small steps.
  3. Do it continuously, rigorously and religiously.
  4. Try not to divert your mind with the surroundings.
  5. Do not think on routine stuff or about the things you think about on regular basis.
  6. Be free from thoughts.
  7. Be happy - if not, just try or pretend to be happy.

Enough said. Lets hit the first technique (and its okey if you doze off).

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