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Meditation Technique 1 - Count your breath

Counting your breath is one of the very good techniques of meditation. The best part, you can do it wherever you want to. There is no rocket science to it.

1. Start with 5 minutes: You can do it just for 5 minutes to start with for 1 week. Later on, you can increase the duration by 5 minutes for first 3 weeks and then end up at 30 minutes every month. 5 minutes for 1st week, 10 minutes for 2nd week, 15 minutes for 3rd week and 30 minutes for 4th week and continue with 30 minutes for rest of your life.

2. Practice it Daily: Make it a daily routine. You can pick and choose the time you want, but do it daily. Generally, we all have tendency to start well but then loose off. Don't let it be, in this case. Make up your mind and keep on saying your self that I'll stick to it. If required, put a note somewhere that I'll meditate daily.

3. Doing is important and not how, where and when: Don't style it. Just let it be the way you want it to be. Choose a sitting position which is fairly comfortable - a couch or your bed or even a tree in the garden - its all good.

4. Check yourself: Once you're settled in your sitting position, check yourself. Check your mood, anxiety level, frustration level. Whatever it may be. It is all fine to start with.

5. Now the start - count your breaths: Start the meditation by paying attention to your breath. Simply concentrate on your first breath as it comes IN through your nose and travels way down to your lungs. Count this first breathing intake as ONE. When you breath out, count it as TWO. Repeat this count till you reach 10. Keep on concentrating on your breath in and OUT and keep on counting from 1 to 10 for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes depending on the week or month you've started meditating.

6. That's all: Yes, that's all. You're done with the meditation and you can call yourself a meditator now. I told you, it is very easy and there is no rocket science to it.

7. Check yourself: Yes, this is the same step from where you started with. Again check your mood, anxiety level, frustration level and see if it has improvised or not. Even 2% of improvisation is fine as this certainly will turn you around after your meditation period of 6 to 8 months.

Some important aspects you should take care of while meditating:

  • Fluid Mind: We all have a fluid mind which keeps on wandering. This certainly will be the case while you'll meditate. Your mind will keep on wandering and you'll stop counting your breath. When you feel that your mind has started deviating or you've lost the concentration, smile on yourself and get your concentration back on your breath and restart with ONE. Don't get frustrated even if you keep loosing your concentration every now and then. This is absolutely normal and happens with all of us.
  • Smile: Once you're done with your session, smile. Say thank you to yourself and appreciate the fact that you've been trustworthy and committed to what you had decided and importantly, you've spent this time for yourself and with yourself.
  • Ultimate Truth: Every time you meditate, you become more powerful and more peaceful person than yesterday.

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